1618503835 – Should I trust this number?

Scam phone calls are on the rise. In fact, if you were to look back through your recent calls, the likelihood of a scam caller being in your recent list is higher now than it has ever been.

We’ve all had that feeling, where our phone rings and the screen lights up, showing us a number we’re unfamiliar with and unsure about.

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If we’re lucky enough to be sat in front of a computer, many of us have likely quickly typed that number into Google, trying to determine where the call is coming from. Others will simply let the call go to voicemail, knowing that if it’s someone familiar or something important, they will call back. But many people will also pick up the phone and the second you do that; you are at risk.

1618503835 is a scam caller so you should not trust this number.

Reports identify this as a life insurance scam, with the caller trying to get you to disclose personal information that could put you at risk.

Calls like this are a form of phishing attack, something that has evolved over the years to be much more than just anonymous emails. Phishing has developed to include smishing: SMS phishing; vishing: voicemail or voice note phishing & phone call scams.

In this fake phone call, the cybercriminal will attempt to get you to share your bank details, alongside unique security questions and other private information. You should never share this information with anyone unless you know absolutely and without question that you are speaking to someone from a reputable business who absolutely needs to know things.

If you are ever in any doubt on one of these phone calls, the best option is to hang up and research the topic or contact the organisation independently. A lot of banks and insurance companies will have specific numbers that they communicate from and will only ask for certain information in face-to-face meetings.

The golden rule to remember in these situations is if something feels suspicious, or even just slightly uncomfortable, then you should hang up and keep your private information private.

How can I protect myself further?

Teaching yourself the basics of cyber security awareness training is a great way to prepare yourself for these sorts of attacks. You may even encounter something similar in the workplace, if you receive a call from someone asking to pay an invoice or from someone requesting information for a project.

If you know the basics of cyber security awareness training, you will know to act with caution and to follow appropriate steps when faced with a problem.

Boxphish offers this training in bite-sized and easy to absorb courses, covering everything from phishing to malware, social media management, mobile and physical devices and much more.

We also provide phishing simulation training delivered directly to your inbox, to help familiarise yourself with the potential scams you might encounter through email and make you feel more comfortable clicking online.

To find out how Boxphish can help you and your organisation, book a demo with us today.


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