Purpose built Cyber Security & Awareness Training software designed to improve employees online security knowledge and reduce their threat level with a diverse range of on-going training and simulation. The software is designed to act as the human element in our customers’ cyber defence strategy and reduce the overall threat. We work with a wide variety of researches, psychologists and training experts has enabled us to make our solution the ideal training platform.

our mission

Increase employee cyber security awareness through continuous and defined learning

About our future

We will use innovation and our continuous, defined training to educate users globally.


Boxphish Drivers

Defined Training

We work with Cyber Security Researchers and Psychologists on a daily basis to ensure our training is relevant and customised.


We are driven to improve the ways we engage with employees, whilst at the same time ensure we are focusing on all threat vectors.


We believe in a long-term approach, which includes gradual and relevant training.

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