Boxphish acquires competitor firm Purplephish

Boxphish, Leeds based Cyber Security Awareness Training Firm, formed in 2018, helps its corporate clients become more cyber aware by identifying risk areas within their businesses and delivering tailored solutions to address the vulnerabilities.

The Leeds-based firm helps create a culture of cyber awareness and security through interactive learning. Manchester-based Purplephish currently provides cyber security awareness training and insights to over 100,000 end-users in over 50 mid-market and enterprise clients.

By combining the two organisations, Boxphish has added over 25 phishing training modules to their content library and training platform, which will continue to be supported and delivered by the Leeds-based firm.

In addition, an augmented customer service team will give it a greater ability to provide raining through its automated platform.

Nick Deacon Elliott, vice president of sales and operations at Boxphish, said “The acquisition of Purplephish underpins our mission to turn our customers’ employees into the equivalent of a human firewall through automated, continuous, low touch and high impact training.

“With the rate of cyber-crime only going one way, we need to continue to increase our reach and help more companies reduce their risk.

“By bringing the companies together we have more power to deliver against our future plans. I’m very excited to continue to develop the company so that we continue to provide an exemplary service and platform to our customers’.”

Ben Audley, CEO of PurplePhish, said: “Security awareness training is an essential part of a company’s security posture.

“We felt that our goal to measurably reduce risk on scale was in line with Boxphish and together we will create a market leading platform for success.”

The acquisition means Boxphish now provides training to over 200,000 end-users and supports customers such as BrewDog, Macmillan Cancer Support, Leicester Tigers, North Yorkshire Council and The Open University.

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