Boxphish deliver mobile learning to global fashion retailer

Award-winning cyber security awareness training provider, Boxphish, have been selected to deliver their cloud-based platform to thousands more users following the securing of a major contract in the fashion sector.

Many businesses, small and large, are now closely considering how they can get their staff prepared and trained when it comes to the cyber-world and the potential threats that lurk. This is a key part of the defence layer for businesses looking to focus on improving the last line of defence and assessing their risk capacity within their business.

Human error is the cause for 95% of all successful cyber-attacks. This area is a must for any business to cover with a robust security posture.

Boxphish Head of Sales, Alex Thomas, said: “We are glad to see all types of industry paying attention to the threat that cybercrime poses, and that awareness and training is key.

“Mitigation of human error is now, more than ever, essential to business cyber security. End users without information security awareness are proven more likely to fall for cyber-attacks through phishing emails, leading to issues, such as ransomware.”

Using the methodology of automated continuous cyber security awareness, Boxphish supply various training courses across multiple platforms – desktop and mobile optimised – alongside simulated phishing attacks via email; an approach which resonated with the global fashion retailer.

Boxphish CEO, Nick Deacon-Elliot, added: “Our experience as a well-established and trusted cyber-security training provider is evident by our client base, which already includes many high-street retailers. Clients benefit from the engagement through gamification and animated internal IT policies that our platform provides.

“A client that we recently onboarded shared that they couldn’t be happier with the solution. Much of this comes from the seamless automatic deliverability that we offer, making the user experience effortless. Including an annual campaign for monthly phishing training simulations and courses, selected by the client to better fit their business, and intended purpose. These, coupled with advanced analytics make Boxphish the best choice when ensuring cyber security awareness within your company.”


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