Boxphish Featured in Business Leader alongside partner NYES

NYES Digital and Boxphish first came together in early 2021, with the aim of bringing high-level cyber security awareness training to schools across North Yorkshire. More than a year on, the two companies are celebrating the success of their ongoing partnership.

Working together, NYES Digital and Boxphish have provided cyber security training to over 4000 staff in schools and trusts across North Yorkshire, including Ackworth School, the Star Multi-Academy Trust and the Humber Education Trust.

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The purpose of this training has been to educate staff on the potential cyber security risks they may encounter in their day-to-day lives, ranging from phishing emails, password safety and malware threats in the workplace, to social engineering attacks and how to best use physical devices.

Following great results and feedback from schools within North Yorkshire, Boxphish’s work has been recognised by Business Leader, with an article published in May 2022 showcasing the partnership with NYES and the brilliant work Boxphish have delivered for the schools.

Within the Star Multi-Academy Trust, the biggest threat was ransomware being downloaded through phishing emails, so simulations were delivered through Boxphish to train staff on how to identify dangerous emails and mitigate this risk. These phishing simulations were designed to mirror the emails that staff were used to seeing, including Microsoft and Google logins, as well as specific school emails.

Following the training, staff were able to differentiate between phishing and legitimate emails, using skills taught to identify fraudulent emails before it was too late. Clicks on illegitimate links decreased by 95%, with the risk phishing posed to the Trust decreased significantly.

Just across the Humber, the primary schools within the Humber Education Trust wanted to increase their insurance coverage and provide a more cyber-secure environment for staff, parents, and students alike. In order to do this, they were provided with a 12-stage learning journey, delivering courses on a monthly basis to educate and train their users on what to watch out for.

This educated users on everything from identifying fraudulent links and downloads to safe device protocols, correct password management and proper use of social media – both for staff and students.

A headteacher at one of the local schools commented that “it has allowed a fully cyber-safe environment to be created, with minimal time needed for admin tasks, giving us an increased feeling of confidence when browsing online.”

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