Boxphish Launch: Continuous & Defined Cyber Awareness & Training

Purpose built training software designed to improve security knowledge and change behaviours


LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE – September 1st, 2018 – Boxphish are a cyber security awareness company, offering training solutions to organisations to inform employees of the threats they may face online, changing future behaviours to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks or data breaches.

Boxphish’s catalogue of products currently includes Cyber Awareness, Cyber Awareness & Simulation, and SMS Simulator. Cyber Awareness is the more simple, automated option, which sends informative resources such as infographics, posters and newsletters straight to the users’ email.

The next product – Cyber Awareness & Simulation – offers the user a more interactive experience, with online training courses, videos and quizzes, and access to a library of simulation emails to test employee risk levels. This training option also uses artificial intelligence to track user behaviour regarding simulation emails and quiz grades to alter the training content and style accordingly.

Lastly, the SMS Simulator offers the same simulation feature as the previous product, but covers all threat vectors, with a specific focus on the SMS delivery method.

Henry Doyle, Boxphish Director and Co-Founder, said, “Most cyber breaches aren’t caused by inadequate technology or software, but from user error. Reports shows that 90% of malware requires human intervention in order to activate, which is why our mission is to increase employee cyber security awareness through continuous and defined learning. Our solutions are designed to reduce employee risk levels and change behaviours, and we work with a variety of researchers and psychologists to ensure we can offer the ideal training platform.”

Awareness is Key

When it comes to cyber security, most people rely heavily on defensive technology to keep their network and data safe from attacks, but as technology continues to advance, so do the number of successful cyber attacks. Most modern criminal campaigns rely on users taking action or ‘falling for the bait’ to get what they want – this means clicking on a hyperlink, downloading an attachment, or providing sensitive information.

Studies show that 78% of employees are aware of the risks of suspicious links in emails, but still click on them. With security awareness training, employees can learn how to properly identify a suspicious email to not only avoid user mistakes, but actually turn these usual targets into a first line of defence, able to report all suspicious activity to be analysed for patterns and trends that might help recognise future attacks.

Boxphish Future

Moving forward Boxphish hope to continue increasing user awareness on a larger scale – educating people on not only what threats are out there, but exactly how to identify them and respond, allowing them to change their behaviour accordingly. On top of this, there are plans to continue increasing the product offerings further, focusing on more specific areas and interactivity, similar to the recent SMS Simulator product, which addressed needs more specific to remote and mobile users.

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