Boxphish launches Custom Content

Following some great successes with existing clients, Boxphish has made the decision to launch their custom content offering to all organisations.

Boxphish specialises in cyber security awareness training, providing a detailed learning journey to users across the UK and Europe. The training covers all the key areas of cyber security, including phishing, malware, data breaches, device safety and more.

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On top of this, custom content allows organisations to personalise their training, making each module unique to their branding and processes. It allows organisations to put their individual touches on training modules, going into detail that’s particularly relevant in their industry, or showcasing a design style which is synonymous with their brand. This can include unique characters that have been used in ads or other areas of the business and provides a level of security training that is both informative and incredibly engaging.

The end result is a bespoke training module that looks and feels like it was created in-house. It is instantly recognisable as coming from your organisation and not only educates the users on the subject matter, but does so in a way that reaffirms their place in the organisation.

Head of eLearning at Boxphish Elle Richards said: “I’m so excited for our custom content offering to finally launch. We’ve seen incredible results with the content we’ve produced so far, our design teams generating some really one-of-a-kind stuff that I know is going to take the eLearning world by storm and I just can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

The custom courses can cover topics throughout the cyber security landscape, including common attacks you might face in your industry and how to avoid them, as well as areas of business ethics, data protection and nuances from your company handbook.

As a fully managed process, Boxphish will ensure each custom content customer is 100% happy with the result at every stage of the production process. This means you don’t just hand over a brief and get the result several weeks later – there are constant check-ins at each new stage, enabling the content to truly develop the style of your organisation, with the custom element integrated throughout.

One current user of Boxphish custom content added: “We loved the custom course that Boxphish produced for us, the branding was spot on and having something that looked like ‘ours’ really made it stand out from other training – we’ve already had requests from other departments to update their training in this custom style!”

To find out more about the Boxphish custom content offering, visit their website or contact Elle Richards on

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