Boxphish Launches New Partner Program

Program designed to build recurring revenue without need for significant technical resources


LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE – September 1, 2018 – Boxphish, a newly launched cyber security awareness company, has announced the Boxphish Partner Program which is designed for MSP’s (Managed Services Providers) and VAR’s (Value Add Resellers) to build recurring revenue through Cyber Security Training & Awareness without the requirement for a significant amount of technical resource.

The program is built on a platform that promotes proactive partnerships and rewards success, striving for partner relationships that result in high sales activity, increased revenue and overall have a dedication to improve and support employees’ Cyber Security knowledge through training.

Henry Doyle, Boxphish Director and Co-Founder, said, “We know that everyone likes to work in their own way, which is why we offer such a flexible partner program, allowing partners to manage customers in their own environment, or leave it with our skilled technical team. We even offer support from our sales and marketing team, helping partners to fine-tune their market strategy and execution.”

Global Market Growth

Organisations of all sizes are quickly realising the significant impact that cyber threats can have, with 76% of companies experiencing phishing attacks in 2017, which has pushed them to take action and invest in security awareness computer-based training (CBT). Last year Gartner reported that the industry is growing “big time”, seeing a 13% growth for the overall global market, with the need for training increasing alongside it as more and more users find themselves online.

About Boxphish

Boxphish is a recently launched company, offering various security awareness training solutions to help organisations improve their employees’ knowledge of online threats and change their behaviour towards them. Boxphish combines interactive and engaging training modules with artificial intelligence to track user’s progress, altering future training material specific to the individual for the most effective experience.

On top of this, the simulator feature – which is currently in beta – offers a more experiential approach, allowing employers to see how their team react to simulated cyber attack emails, reflecting the effectiveness of their training program.

With our multi-tenant technology working alongside the automated training schedule, our partners can choose how much time and resource they allocate to managing the service. Here at Boxphish we strongly believe our partners have the technology, training and flexibility to be highly successful.

For more information about the partner program or Boxphish’s security awareness solutions, visit the website:

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