Case study.

The 1590 Trust

Why they needed help:

The 1590 Trust is made up of several digital schools, running a large proportion of their learning and operations online. Since 2017, they have experienced a small number of malicious attacks, including phishing, compromised passwords and denial of service attacks. 

In order to try and manage these threats, the Trust launched their own phishing simulation to identify specific areas of vulnerability, followed by whole-Trust training around digital threats. While this proved useful, it lacked a real experience-based learning process and an immersive simulated experience – which is where Boxphish then came into play. 

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What Boxphish did:

Boxphish enabled many more simulated phishing exercises to be ran, replicating threats that staff would come into contact with in their daily lives. These were delivered alongside the easily accessible courses, providing digital threat awareness in small, easily digestible chunks. 

Together, this allows staff to be continually informed of threats and changes in the cyber attacker strategies.  

How it helped:

Since launching Boxphish there has been a marked improvement in the response to phishing and suspicious emails, with staff now super vigilant with every email they recieve. This has created a culture of digital vigilance within the Trust.  

Furthermore, the informal nature and culture of transparency the training has created has also allowed staff to talk about cyber threats and feel comfortable alerting the schools if they have been a victim, allowing swift, decisive actions to be taken when necessary. 

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Boxphish simulations are often the topic of conversation across the school, especially when a rogue email is received. Staff often say “I’ve been Boxphished again!” and often this response is to real phishing emails, which is brilliant. 

“Overall, we are really pleased with Boxphish. Not only with their product offer, but with their level of support, response time and continuous drive to improve. We are delighted to work with them in the year ahead to support us in further strengthening our digital resilience.”

Director, Conyers School, 1590 Trust 

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