Case study.

Anthony Nolan

Why they needed help:

Anthony Nolan is a UK charity that works in the areas of leukaemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. They have been doing incredible work for nearly fifty years, making a difference to millions of lives in the process. With their online work continuously increasing, they came to Boxphish to educate their staff on potential cyber threats and help the organisation remain secure.   

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What Boxphish did:

Boxphish provided Anthony Nolan with a full learning journey, delivering courses to all staff to educate them on a range of threats. This included short, interactive training videos – the bite-sized nature working well for the organisation – followed by quiz-style questions on what they had learned. This covered everything from ransomware to phishing and physical devices, with additional real-world simulations sent to their emails to further educate users on the threat from phishing.  

How it helped:

Nearly 2,500 phishing emails were sent out, with nine different simulations across a range of topics, from LinkedIn and Microsoft Teams login attempts, to Just Eat and DPD Delivery. Following training, Boxphish were able to reduce Anthony Nolan’s risk score from the highest level to zero, with none of the staff members opening the final simulation that was shared.

The courses supported this learning experience, working to improve the cyber safety throughout the organisation and protect staff both at work and at home.  

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“The interactive nature of the training was really engaging and easy to follow – which was great. Implementation was straightforward too, allowing us to manage the training programme without any hassle. Would definitely recommend for an organisation with limited time to manage training themselves.”  

CIO, Anthony Nolan

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