Case study.

Hales Valley Trust

Why they needed help:

Hales Valley Trust is made up of five primary schools in the West Midlands, promoting education and equality of opportunity for all. 

They came to Boxphish to enhance their cyber security training, feeling what they previously had in place was no longer meeting requirements. The trust wanted to have something in place that could support all five schools, without creating an over-complicated management system and allowing for a variety of training to be offered to all staff. 

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What Boxphish did:

Boxphish created a bespoke learning portal for Hales Valley, providing them with both interactive training videos and automated phishing simulations, which are delivered directly to inboxes of staff across all five schools. The aim was to make cyber awareness training simple, not taking up too much time but still providing a high level of education. 

The portal allows for the performance of staff from all five schools to be viewed at once, allowing key departments to be identified for further training and comparisons to be made between them. 

How it helped:

The launch of Boxphish training immediately made an impact within the Trust, forcing end users to “sit up and think” about their day-to-day online activities. 

It became possible to identify the high-risk areas within the Trust and what sort of cyber-attacks are most relevant – with the phishing simulations a big hit. They caused an instant change in how end-users interacted with emails, creating an increased sense of caution and safety within the Trust. This was shown straight away, with considerably less people clicking on the second phishing simulation compared to the first, proving that the training had worked and they were operating with a heightened sense of cyber security awareness. 

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Boxphish is honestly fantastic. The training is super relevant, using things that people will see in their daily lives and that are used by attackers regularly. It helps in home lives as well, not only educating in school and keeping both our networks and data secure, but staying in your mind when you go home too.  And I just love the phishing simulations, I’m always excited to find out what’s coming next! They’re brilliant!”

IT Manager, Hales Valley Trust 

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