Case study.

North Lincolnshire Council

Why they needed help:

North Lincolnshire Council is a unitary local authority providing a full range of local government services including education, libraries, children’s services, planning and waste disposal.

Following an audit by the local government authority (LGA), security awareness education was highlighted as an area requiring improvement. This required regular and ongoing training, alongside the ability to easily track and measure user progress and success.

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What Boxphish did:

Within days of the council coming on board, Boxphish worked with the team at the council to ensure they quickly understood the comprehensive reporting suite, enabling them to explore and extract detailed statistics to demonstrate employee progress and performance.

The Boxphish solution meets the cultural needs of the council by ensuring that real-world phishing simulations are followed up immediately by light-hearted educational content which explains to any susceptible employee what they should do to avoid falling victim next time.


How it helped:

The feedback from North Lincolnshire Council end users has been extremely positive: employees are enthusiastic about the ‘little and often’ nature of the videos and quizzes, keeping them up to speed with how to identify and mitigate the latest cyber threats extremely effectively, whilst not hampering their ability to get on with their day jobs.

The council have seen a great deal of value in using the comprehensive reports and dashboards to truly understand the level of risk represented by different styles and complexities of phishing simulations, noting particularly how useful it is that Boxphish’s simulations so closely resemble real-world attacks.


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Boxphish has very quickly had a brilliant impact on the security culture at the council: the content of the educational modules and simulations are really well thought out, accessible and engaging across the whole workforce, meaning they can be used very effectively right out of the box. Implementing, running and maintaining the system requires very little administration – a huge advantage for small teams with limited resources. 

Principle Information Security Officer, North Lincolnshire Council 

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