Case study.

Preston City Council

Why they needed help:

Preston City Council is a district council responsible for services including planning, council tax and recycling in their area. They are committed to helping the community in every way they can, and following cyber attacks gaining more attention on a global scale, they decided to invest in cyber security training for users in 2017. 

However, without the right systems in place, cyber security awareness training can become a very time-consuming and difficult project to manage. This is where the Boxphish solution was brought in – offering a fully managed cyber awareness training programme, requiring next to no input from programme managers. This enabled a proper training protocol to be followed at Preston, while freeing up time for other actions. 

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What Boxphish did:

Preston City Council was already aware that the weakest link of cyber security is the user – so Boxphish enrolled them in our standard learning journey, providing courses on a regular basis to refresh their knowledge on cyber security fundamentals. Alongside this we delivered phishing simulations directly to their users’ inboxes, testing what they have learned and identifying whether they were able to differentiate a phishing attack from a real email. 

This allowed data to be gathered on where the weakspots were within the council, and where more training needed to be offered – without requiring any time consuming data analysis or tracking of results by the council themselves. The reporting dashboard was simple, summarising the learning in a straightforward manner for senior management.

How it helped:

The Boxphish solution has helped to raise awareness of cyber-attacks in the council, with staff now reacting to emails with increased caution and the number of suspicious emails that are being reported increasing with each new training module. This has allowed less time to be lost querying potential attacks and given employees more confidence with their daily tasks – alongside more time freed up higher up the funnel, with senior management able to review data easily and quickly. 

The next step for Preston City Council will see branded course invitation emails introduced, to further increase the training uptake and make the training appear more like it is part of the council’s brand. 

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I’ve received good support from the Boxphish staff who have been very receptive to my queries and requests. User feedback received about the courses has also been very favourable – we can see that awareness in the council has been raised and staff are now more inclined to query an email with ICT if they are in any doubt.”

Assistant Director, Preston City Council

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