Case study.

Swim England

Why they needed help:

Swim England is the national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water swimming and synchronised swimming across the country. It focuses on helping people learn how to swim, enjoy the water safely and compete in a range of sports. Following more admin activity moving online, they wanted to improve their cyber security training that could be delivered regularly without taking up too much of their time.  

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What Boxphish did:

Boxphish were the perfect fit, with UK focused content available and bite-sized training modules coupled with short quizzes to continuously test knowledge filling Swim England’s needs exactly. Boxphish delivered a bespoke learning journey of courses alongside relevant phishing simulations to further enforce the skills being learnt. This combination was designed to train individuals on how to best identify and avoid threats, making their daily lives more cyber safe.  

How it helped:

Over 3,000 phishing simulations were delivered directly to inboxes, with the risk score reduced to less than 1% following the delivery of seven sims. Courses supported this with a focus on phishing and home working, training staff on how to keep their devices secure when away from the workplace, a vital lesson in the new hybrid-working environment.

Reporting was split by department, so admin within Swim England could further focus on areas of risk within the organisation. All of this combined to create a more cyber secure organisation and allow staff to feel more confident and comfortable with work they were carrying out online.  

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“Working with Boxphish for our cyber security training has allowed us to free up so much additional time for other tasks. The training requires almost zero work from our side, educating our staff on a regular basis and allowing us to feel safe and secure.”  

Head of IT, Swim England

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