Case study.


Why they needed help:

Unmind is a cultural change platform for mental health and wellbeing, helping leaders create psychologically safe and engaged cultures, and empowering employees to lead more fulfilling lives. Having expanded overseas in recent years, Unmind were very aware of the increasing cyber threats that accompanied hybrid working. 

As a result, they needed a security training platform which was accessible and supported learning on demand. It was also important to them to ensure that each employee had access to consistent and current best practices – and were able to apply this throughout their day-to-day working. 

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What Boxphish did:

With Unmind having encountered attempted spear phishing attacks in the past, they already had a good background of security culture. Boxphish came on board to increase the awareness of this culture and further educate on the other types of attacks to watch out for.

The full learning journey was assigned, using a staggered send to ensure consistent, relevant training modules were delivered to users on a regular basis. Alongside this, the option to repeat modules and assign training on demand was included, making it easier for new joiners to be brought up to speed. This allowed new Unminders to immediately understand, use and share data appropriately, guaranteeing that everyone was fully integrated with the cyber awareness culture. 

How it helped:

The Boxphish solution has helped Unmind to raise awareness and focus on the key areas required to support the ISMS, day-to-day practices and enabled further engagement and conversation to highlight good cyber security practices. This has proven especially useful due to the bite-sized courses. These have supported an effective learning approach in a busy environment. 

The strength of the cyber awareness culture within the organisation allows for all Unminders to carry out daily online tasks with confidence and ensures that everyone is on high alert to potential cyber-attacks. 

building a corporate culture of cyber awareness

“The Boxphish support team have been very helpful and prompt with responding to our queries and working in partnership to meet our needs. In addition the reporting function has been particularly useful, as it allows us to immediately view areas for improvement as well as course completion information for compliance and analysis.”

Information Security Officer, Unmind

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