How to protect your organisation from cyber security threats in 2023

Cyber security is growing year on year as both a threat and an industry, with the need to protect yourself increasing too. There are hundreds of different ways a cybercriminal might try to attack you, your device, or your organisation, making the right protection a vital thing to your success.

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To protect your organisation from cyber security threats, you first need to understand what they are and how they might appear.

Top cyber security threats to watch out for in 2023

  1. Phishing emails – these are the bread and butter of an average cybercriminal, with millions of phishing attacks sent every day. They can be disguised as authentic brands, people you know or even your boss, but there are many ways to identify and avoid phishing emails if you have the proper training.
  2. Social engineering – these attacks are built up over a longer period, using psychological manipulation of the target to get what the cybercriminal wants, usually the target divulging private information.
  3. Device vulnerabilities – this covers everything from your computers and mobile devices to physical devices like printers, scanners and even security cameras. Each of these devices provides an open door into your organisation for cybercriminals if not properly protected.

How to protect your organisation

The best way to protect your organisation from cyber security threats in 2023 is through cyber security awareness training.

Cyber security awareness training works by developing your employees into the first line of defence against cybercrime. Each individual is taught how to identify and recognise cyber-attacks, meaning they are far less likely to ever fall for one and therefore acting as a human firewall.

There are simple things you can implement within your organisation such as proper password management, restrictions on shared or personal devices and additional security measures like multi-factor authentication. These measures are really the bare minimum you should have in place to reduce the chance of data breaches or cases of brute hacking.

You should also ensure you have proper firewalls and anti-virus software installed, to defend against malware attacks. If you use cloud software, consider further protecting this too.

As a further measure, additional cyber security training will then educate people on the finer details of cyber-attacks, teaching them how a cybercriminal’s mind works and what sort of tactics they will be looking to implement. This takes things beyond the basics and if your organisation is dealing with sensitive or confidential information, is a strongly suggested step to take.

What Boxphish does

Boxphish provides cyber awareness training to meet these exact needs. We supply courses on a monthly basis, each focused on a different topic of cyber security, starting with fundamentals and working through things like ransomware, malware, device safety, social engineering and more until you are fully versed on all forms of cybercrime.

Our training focuses on the element of human error and how we can mitigate this risk. With human error being involved in over 95% of cyber-attacks, we are aware that if we can reduce this figure, we can do our bit to protect the organisations we work with and keep their information and data safe.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you, why not book a demo with us? One of our experienced team will walk you through our fully automated platform, making cyber security training simple and easy to manage.

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