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Boxphish are a UK based provider of engaging and automated Online Phishing Simulations, a proven way to develop your “Human Firewall”.

Someone falls victim to a phishing attack every 39 seconds

With over 3.4 billion phishing emails sent every day

Boxphish educate users on how to identify these attacks

Protecting both the individual and the organisaion

Clients Protecting Their Organisation With Boxphish Include

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Why do I need Simulated Phishing Training for my employees?

Spam emails, or phishing emails, are constantly on the rise. It is now estimated that 1 in every 99 emails is a phishing attack, aimed at tricking you into divulging your personal information. With such a high number of phishing emails landing in your inbox each week, it is paramount that you have the knowledge to identify an attack from the real thing. That’s what phishing simulations do – they teach you what to watch out for and most importantly, when not to click.

Develop your company’s human firewall with phishing simulations created to help your employees increase their cyber security awareness.

Online Phishing Simulation
Online Phishing Simulation boxphish

Train your employees to spot cyber security threats through online phishing simulations

At Boxphish, we train our users to improve their email security, using bite-sized training modules and interactive quizzes to test their knowledge and create that first line of defence against cybercrime. Our real-world online phishing simulations are delivered directly to inboxes, tracking where the biggest risks are within your organisation. You then have access to real-time reporting, to help identify the key risk areas and structure training around them.

By training your employees, you are building the first line of defence against cyber crime and taking the first step in protecting your organisation. 

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Boxphish is recognised as a featured vendor in Gartner's Cyber Security Awareness Training & Response Platform Market Guide.

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The Boxphish online phishing simulation will educate and empower your employees to make better cyber decisions

Cyber security simulation

Simulate cyber security threats

Test your employees via phishing simulations. Gain access to existing simulations such as Microsoft 365, HMRC, Dropbox and Deliveroo along with custom simulations specific to your staff. All data is stored so you can analyse click rates throughout the training programme and track progress.

Educate staff to spot phishing scams

Educate staff to spot phishing scams

Awareness is key when it comes to cyber threats to end users. Tailored learning journeys are created to address problem areas identified in the simulation testing. Training is delivered via videos, guides and quizzes which increase end users knowledge. A managed cyber security service reduces the burden on IT resources.

Analyse your employee's course statistics

Analyse your employees course statistics

Automated reporting dashboards provide data driven analysis of simulation engagement, course completion rates and risk scoring on a company and individual level. Let Boxphish run your Human Risk Board Report via our managed reporting service, providing you with the data you really need to see.

Latest Cyber security Statistics


60% of data breaches are a result of human error

ICO, 2019


The main cause of 95% of successful cyber attacks is Human Error



56% of IT decision makers say phishing is the top threat to their organisation



100% of enterprises should report cybersecurity risk to the Board


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Online Phishing Simulation FAQs

How long does it take to implement?

We would typically advise that in order to complete technical pre-requisites around whitelisting, create your phishing and learning journeys and build your report dashboard you need around 7-10 days. The actual time required from the client is minimal, around 60 minutes to complete a 12 month cyber security training programme for your employees.

Do you have an integration to Microsoft365?

Ease of management of the ongoing user base of any SaaS application is key. Boxphish has developed a Microsoft365 integration that will handle the management of your employees meaning that you can deliver one of the best cyber security training programmes available in the market.

How regularly should the employee cyber security training be delivered?

In our view to ensure you provide the best cyber security training to your employees, the training and simulated phishing should be delivered monthly. As part of the onboarding process, you can define the regularity you would like to ensure we meet your exact requirements.

Can the courses be delivered in SCORM format?

Boxphish has created an online employee security training application that has a built in LMS. Should you be interested in delivering cyber security training to your employees via your existing Learning Management System (LMS) then a request would need to be raised with your Account Manager to ensure the SCORM files are sent to you as part of the onboarding process. Please get in touch if you would like further information about this product.

What metrics does the reporting suite show?

The Boxphish report suite is industry leading, providing our customers with insightful metrics on the following;

  1. Risk Score – Company Wide
  2. Risk Score – By Department
  3. Risk Score – by individual
  4. Heat maps showing overview of simulation
  5. Engagement by type
  6. Users enroled in cyber security training
  7. programme
  8. Course complete rates
  9. Timeline of cyber courses
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