Automate your cyber security awareness programme

Boxphish provide an automated solution for our customers covering both simulated phishing and training courses.

Human Risk: Managed

Leave running your human risk programme to us

Automated Solutions

Boxphish provide an automated solution for our customers covering both simulated phishing and traning courses meaning you benefit from the outcome of a well run cyber awareness programme without the drain on internal IT or L&D resources.

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Data Driven Approach

Data is at the centre of anything we do, we gain valuable data at all points within the programme to ensure we are accurately identifying higher risk users and providing a data backed company risk score along with trending analysis. We even prepare your Board Report for you every month.

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Engaging User Experience

We appreciate that if training is long and unengaging end users will not want to participate and the utilisation perceived value will be low. We provide training that is bite sized, engaging, and enjoyable so we do not impact the workload of your people.

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Cyber Security Training

Boxphish provides a proven solution to reduce Human Error and Cyber Human Risk via automated learning journeys and intelligent phishing simulations.

As Featured In

Boxphish is proud to be featured in the Market Guide for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, listed as a globally recognised vendor for Phishing Simulation & Cyber Awareness Training.

Our Technology

Developing your culture of Cyber Awareness


Test your employees via phishing simulations. Gain access to existing simulations such as Microsoft 365, HMRC, Dropbox and Deliveroo along with custom simulations specific to your end users. All data is stored so you can analyse click rates through out the training programme.


With end users being the largest attack surface when under cyber threat, awareness is key. Tailored learning journeys are created to address problem areas identified in the simulation testing. Training is delivered via videos, guides and quizzes increases end users knowledge. A managed service reduces the burden on IT resources.


Automated reporting dashboard provides data driven analysis of simulation engagement, course completion rates and risk scoring on a company and individual level. Let Boxphish run your Human Risk Board Report via our manged reporting service, providing you with the data you really need to see.

Train Your Employees To Reduce Your Cyber Risk


60% of data breaches a result of human error

ICO, 2019


95% of successful cyber attacks the main cause is Human Error



56% of IT decision makers say phishing is the top threat to their organisation



100% of enterprises should report cybersecurity risk to the Board


“Great product and fantastic personal service from the Boxphish team.”

Ian Blake

Head of Information Technology at Port of Tyne