Your team are the first line of defence

Train your team on how to identify cyber-attacks. With 95% of all cyber-attacks involving some form of human error, your people are your most valuable assets in protecting your business.

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Boxphish features

Let us do the work for you when it comes to creating, delivering and monitoring employee cyber education

cloud secure

SaaS based

Securely hosted in the cloud, reducing the burden on IT resources.
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Attack simulations

Custom, real-world simulations to identify risk profiles within end users.


Training resources

Access to industry leading content, created by cyber security experts.


Interactive courses

Engaging content delivered on a monthly basis, to help educate and inform end users. 

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Data driven reporting

Access to a data driven reporting and analytics to measure risk reduction by each area of your business.


Office 365 integration

Seamless integration with O365 to support access and ease of use of all our activities.

Pre-built learning journeys

Our pre-built learning journeys are tailored to each business to create a well-rounded, progressive educational programme. By working with businesses to identify key cyber areas of concern, our clients are able to pin point and develop knowledge gaps across their workforce. Once happy with their chosen pain points, relevant training is delivered to employees over an agreed period of time, at their chosen frequency.

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Engaging training content

For any training to be effective, content has to be engaging, which is why our mission is to create varied material, tailored to specific learning types. By incorporating a multi-channel approach using videos, infographics, quizzes and games, our material is catered for all. This diversity, combined with regular, bite-sized delivery allows the training to be non-disruptive to day to day roles, but also enables learning optimisation as users do not become bored, distracted or disengaged. 

Complete protection

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Boxphish Sim

Dedicated contact – onboarding & technical
UK based support

SaaS based

0365 integration

Delegated administration

Access to phishing simiulation library

Scheduled and delivered via email

Web based data driven reporting suite

Simulation response tracker

Director reporting dashboard

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Boxphish Essentials

Everything with Boxphish Sim Plus

User training adoption metrics

Access to extensive Boxphish university

Trend analysis to show risk improvement

Risk scoring

Video & interactive training modules

Dynamic content

Custom learning journeys

Library of security awareness modules

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