Cyber security awareness training

Keep best-practice cyber awareness and IT security advice front of mind with regular, bite-sized training modules.

Boost organisation-wide cyber resilience

Cyber awareness and IT security training solutions proven to improve cyber resilience

Cyber security awareness training

Enroll your employees onto automated learning journeys that deliver regular video-based training that is simple to understand and easy to digest. A short quiz or game follows every 2 to 5-minute training video prompting employees to put into practice what they have learnt; proven to maximise information retention.

Our training content follows best-practice cyber awareness and IT security advice and is updated regularly to include the latest guidance. Our training modules cover the full breadth of cyber security awareness and IT security topics including, but not limited to, ‘how to spot phishing’, ‘malware’ and ‘staying safe online’, through to ‘social engineering’, ‘fraud’, ‘GDPR’ and ‘data privacy’.

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Built with users in mind

A user experience that is proven to boost organisation-wide cyber security awareness, positively influence security behaviour and reduce overall human risk

Enroll users onto cyber security awareness training that educates on the latest threats

Short educational training courses coupled with real-world phishing simulations ensure your users are up to date and aware of the latest threats.

Through working closely with a leading email security partner who secure over two million endpoints globally, we gain real-time insight into cyber-attack trends. This enables us to keep our library of phishing simulations and cyber security awareness training content relevant and educating users on the latest threats.

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Video and quiz-based training maximises information retention

Gone are the days of infrequent, lenghty, face-to-face cyber training sessions. Not only are they ineffective, but the information is soon forgotten.

Video-based content that is to-the-point and less than 5-minutes long, is an efficient way to educate users and maintain high levels of awareness and understanding across your organisation. This bize-sized training content, coupled with quizzes and gamification is not only proven to boost information retention, but positively influence security behaviours.

Allow users to access training at any time, on any device

Whether at the office, on the move, or working from home, all training content can be accessed any time, on any device.

Our platform has been designed with users in mind. Single sign-on and a completely responsive design ensures accessing the Boxphish portal and completing training is quick and simple, and does not impact the working day.

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Product features

All the features you need to influence behaviour and improve your cyber security posture
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Seamless user sync

Boxphish integrates with both Google and Microsoft Office 365 for seamless user syncing and management.

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Single sign-on

Single sign-on means portal access is quick and simple, allowing users to access training efficiently whilst at their desk or on the go.

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Phish report button

Allow users to report suspected phishing emails and cyber-attacks with ease directly from their inbox.

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Automated learning journeys mean you can set and forget, with the confidence your employees are getting the training they need.

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For those wanting to be a little more hands on, on-demand allows you to set up and send simulations and training on an adhoc basis.

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Custom content

For customers with bespoke content requirements, we can completely customise training to suit your needs.


Why is cybersecurity awareness training important for businesses?

Cybersecurity awareness training is crucial as it educates employees about potential cyber threats, common attack methods (like phishing or social engineering), and best practices to safeguard sensitive data. It helps create a security-conscious culture, reducing the risk of data breaches or cyber attacks caused by human error.

What topics should be covered in cybersecurity awareness training programs?
Effective training programs cover a range of topics such as recognizing phishing attempts, creating strong passwords, securing devices, identifying malware, understanding the importance of software updates, and following security protocols for handling sensitive information.
How often should cybersecurity training sessions be conducted?
Regular training sessions are essential to keep cybersecurity practices fresh in employees’ minds and align them with evolving threats. Typically, training sessions are conducted quarterly or semi-annually, with additional targeted sessions when new threats emerge or major security updates occur.
How can cybersecurity awareness training be made engaging for employees?
Engaging training methods include interactive modules, simulated phishing exercises, gamification elements, real-life case studies, and scenario-based learning. Personalizing the training content to specific job roles and including incentives or rewards for active participation can also enhance engagement.
How can the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness training be measured?
Measuring the impact of training involves various methods, including conducting simulated phishing tests to evaluate employees’ responses, analyzing incident reports before and after training, tracking changes in security-related behaviors, and utilizing feedback surveys to gauge employees’ understanding and retention of the material.

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