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Our mission is to provide our users with the skills needed to identify and avoid cyber attacks, reducing risk and protecting both the individual and the organisation, through delivering simulations and interactive training journeys on a monthly basis.

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The Boxphish Story

Founded in Leeds in 2018, Boxphish has grown from two men with an idea, to a leading player in the cyber security market, recently selected one of Yorkshire’s 50 Most Exciting Companies. We deliver thousands of simulations and interactive training courses each month, reaching organisations across a wide range of industries. Courses are tailored to individual needs, with bespoke content developed based on customer requests. Boxphish is constantly learning and developing, investing in both ourselves and our customers to continue to provide a best-in-class product and always exemplary service.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to educate our users to be more cyber aware. We identify high-risk areas and tailor our courses to them, educating customers on everything from choosing the best password, to avoiding a malware attack. In over 90% of cyber-attacks, human error is involved, so our users are the first line of defence against cybercrime, with our training designed to make them the Ultimate Human Firewall.

Your training begins with targeted phishing simulations, delivered directly to your employees to identify vulnerability and areas for improvement. We then move on to engaging, interactive learning journeys, using short videos, quizzes and games to address these areas. Ultimately creating a culture of cyber awareness and security for your people.

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Some Key Faces

Sam McDougall


Sam is our Product Success Manager, and occasional part-time graphic designer (though that’s just us piggy backing on his self-taught skills). In his main role he is responsible for ensuring the courses we send out each month are working properly, implementing changes based on customer feedback and delivering a fully interactive learning journey, helping our users fulfil their cyber training goals.

Sean Rowley


Sean is an admirer of the bigger picture, both in his free time over the weekends where you can find him with a camera around his neck, and in the office. He knows the importance of small details, which in the cyber security industry, can create potentially devastating or life-saving results. It’s just one of the many things that makes him great at what he does as our Implementation Manager.

Alex Thomas


Alex leads the way with over 10 years’ experience in the industry and unprecedented knowledge of what makes an effective cyber security campaign. He loves the challenge of working in an ever-changing environment, known for thinking on his feet. It is a talent he leans on both at work and at home, where he volunteers as a parish councillor, always on the lookout for potential risks, whether cyber or otherwise.

James Plant


James is one of our Senior Business Development Executives, a key member of our sales team. He loves the opportunities that working in sales gives him, using his skills to educate our users on how to keep their information private. He’s aware that in the digital age people tend to live on their phones and their security could be put at risk at any second, hence the importance of cyber awareness training.

Elle Richards


Elle is the newest member of the Boxphish team, brought on board to build our brand image through marketing and make everyone see Boxphish for the amazing business we know it is. She also supports with content, writing the scripts for our training modules, her years of experience writing fiction helping her make each storyboard unique and inventive, while still delivering the cyber safety message.

May Doyle


May has been at Boxphish since the very beginning, working within our sales team. She is the friendly voice on the phone or face on a video call, committed to giving our users the same safety online that they are used to in their daily lives. Just like you wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked, you shouldn’t leave your online accounts open to risk and May is here to make sure that never happens.

Henry Doyle

Non Executive Director

Henry is a Board Adviser for Boxphish’s Go-To-Market Strategy. Henry is a true cyber security expert and one of the co-founders of Altinet. Henry is experienced working with FTSE100 organisations, Education sites and SME’s on shaping their cyber security strategy.

Dan Bailey

Non Executive Director
Dan is a Cyber Security Expert and Entrepreneur. Dan is one of the co-founders of Altinet, a Cyber Security Managed Service Provider, that over the last 6 years has grown to become the leading Barracuda Networks MSP in EMEA. Dan acts as a Board Advisor for Boxphish, particularly focused on the product roadmap and technical strategy.

Richard Doyle

Senior Adviser
Richard brings 30 years experience in building high growth technology businesses to Boxphish. Richard has had an extremely successful career in Technology having founded a Managed Service Provider, scaling to £30m+ revenue and ultimately exiting through MBO. Richard works with the board on shaping Boxphish’s long term strategy.

Nick Deacon Elliott


Nick has been with us from day one – he lives and breathes everything we do, from overseeing courses, to delivering reports and dealing directly with customers – he even recently painted his living room in Boxphish colours! He’s passionate about creating a culture of cyber awareness, knowing it can truly make the difference between you falling victim to a cyber-attack, or avoiding one and remaining safe.

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