Cyber Security eBooks

Our cyber security ebooks cover common concerns around the human element of your cyber security portfolio and examples of circulating threats in the industry. Plus guidance on how organisations can protect themselves against these phishing threats, with cyber awareness training.

cyber security ebooks
cyber security ebooks

Protecting Your Organisation from Phishing Attacks

This eBook provides a deep dive into phishing attacks, the most common method of attack by cybercriminals. It explains how you can identify phishing attacks before it’s too late and outlines how best to protect your organisation.

cyber security ebooks

Cyber Security The Human Factor

This e-book explores the role we play in protecting businesses against cyber threats and criminals and how to run an effective cyber security awareness training programme.

cyber security ebooks

Boxphish Service Overview

This product overview explores the role Boxphish plays in protecting and safeguarding the Education Sector against cyber criminals.

cyber security ebooks

Cyber Security Life As We Know It

This e-book looks at how the world answered a 15-year long question: can we work remotely? We share some insights, the challenges and some best practises for the new normal of working from home.

cyber security ebooks

Covid-19 Cyber Attacks

This infographic sheds light on the Covid-19 leveraged cyber attacks so that businesses and their users know what to look out for #staysafestayhome.

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