Case study.

University of Derby

Why they needed help:

The University of Derby is home to over 35,000 students and staff, providing over 300 courses of study. Following the pandemic, an even larger proportion of their study moved online and the possibility for cybercrime considerably increased. As a result, they came to Boxphish for help with phishing attacks, following many of their staff accidentally clicking on links they shouldn’t have and resulting in the organisation being put at risk. 

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What Boxphish did:

With phishing attacks the biggest threat for Derby, Boxphish helped to educate their staff on how to avoid falling victim to these emails. We delivered real-world simulations directly to their inboxes, chosen specifically for their industry and designed to train individuals on what to look out for, and most importantly, when not to click. Phishing sims included lookalike emails to those staff usually interacted with, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook & university systems. 

How it helped:

Phishing simulations were sent to over 12,000 users, and over the course of three unique sends, Boxphish managed to reduce their risk from 31% of staff opening/interacting with the email, to just 8.93%.

This has enabled the staff to be more confident with their email work and reduce the time spent confirming information. It has led to increased efficiency and more confidence amongst staff both at work and at home. 

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“The team at Boxphish deserve a massive thank you for helping us to get the course over the line and achieve a successful launch. They were incredibly responsive and attentive throughout the whole process, making the onboarding easy and helping us to achieve our cyber security goals.”

Cyber Security Analyst, Derby University

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