What does a cyber security awareness organisation do?

The odds are, if you’re reading this, you’ve recently heard of a cyber security awareness organisation, or been offered cyber security awareness training. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily know what you’ve been offered, or indeed what a cyber security awareness organisation even does.

Let us break it down for you –

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Cyber security awareness training is designed to make both individuals and organisation feel safer online. It aims to teach them skills to use in their online lives to protect them from the threats of cyber criminals, keeping their information safe and reducing the risk of a cyber-attack.

What topics are covered?

Cyber awareness training, or online safety training, will cover everything from browsing the web to using your email accounts, including safety on social media and even how to correctly use your devices.

A typical cyber security awareness training programme might include:

Introduction to phishing and how to avoid phishing attacks – these attacks are the biggest threat in the cyber security landscape, with someone falling for a phishing attack on average every 39 seconds. A phishing attack is when a cybercriminal sends an email with the intention of getting the recipient to click on a malicious link or disclose sensitive information.

They may be pretending your account details have expired or that your password has been hacked and they will often come from a spoofed brand, pretending to be someone you trust. Cyber security awareness training will teach you how to identify these phishing emails and train you on what to look out for.

Other modules may include content on malware, which is malicious software. This is designed to infect your devices and therefore training will help you learn what not to click on and keep your information safe. Ransomware may also be covered, where cyber criminals try to attain large sums of money through fraudulent methods.

And things like social engineering, password management, social media, physical devices, fraud, online shopping and data security are often included. Each module will be designed to show you the techniques cyber criminals use to try and trick you, and the different ways they have to obtain private information.

How is the training delivered?

Cyber security awareness training is most commonly delivered through an educate and evaluate methodology. This means the recipient is provided with some learning material to educate themselves on the topic – be this phishing, malware or fraud – and this is then followed by a test or evaluation to see what they have learned.

The training can be done via a whitepaper, video, text-based question and answer or through gamification. At Boxphish, we use a combination of these to ensure the best result is delivered.

How can I find out whether training is right for me/my organisation?

If you as an individual spend a large chunk of your working day online, or your organisation uses the internet, or has an email system, then you should look into cyber security awareness training.

Cyber criminals do not distinguish based on your age, location, job function or industry – they are solely focused on tricking you into revealing your sensitive information. People often make the mistake of thinking they are not important enough, or do not handle valuable enough information and then fall victim to an attack. Don’t let this be you!

As a general rule, if you or your employees are actively busy on emails, spend any time browsing the web where you could be at risk of a malware attack, or deal with any finances, then you should invest in cyber security awareness training.

Let Boxphish help

The training doesn’t have to break the bank and at Boxphish, we tailor our offering to suit what you need. Whether it’s courses on safe internet usage and how to avoid malware attacks, phishing simulations, or bespoke content relating to your internal policies: we’ve got you covered.

Our courses are bite-sized and interactive, starting with a short training video – usually five or six minutes in length – that educates the user on the key red flags to watch out for. This is followed by an element of gamification and a quiz, to test what the user has just learnt.

These courses are delivered on a monthly basis and can be coupled with our phishing simulations, sent directly to the users’ inbox to test them on whether they fall for the attack. They are completely safe, designed to show the individual what they should have noticed and protect them against future actual attacks.

Book a demo with us to find out how our courses and/or simulations can help you protect your organisation and take the first step in becoming cyber safe.

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