Case study.

University College School

Why they needed help:

University College School Hampstead is an independent day school educating pupils right the way through from reception to sixth form. Over the last few years, they have invested a lot of time and resources into improving their security posture, in response to the growing threat of cyber-attacks within the education sector. 

After a couple of minor cyber security issues, they realised the need to support their employees further in the cyber security landscape, without taking time out of their already busy schedules or causing more stress. Which is precisely where the Boxphish training solution comes in. 

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What Boxphish did:

After recognising the need to equip both systems and users in establishing and maintaining an effective defence against online crime, Boxphish set up University College School with interactive courses and phishing simulations, educating them on the basics of cyber security, before further reviewing specific attack methods the school could be vulnerable to. 

The busy daily lives of the staff at the school were also taken into consideration, with courses delivered on a monthly basis, and zero admin required from staff at the school to ensure these were sent to everyone required to take part in the training.  

How it helped:

The Boxphish solution has made an immense difference throughout the school, delivering clear, digestible training content in engaging, bitesize courses. It has ensured a steady increase in the crucial cyber awareness needed to help protect data and systems within the school, without being in any way onerous to staff.

The in-platform reporting on the phishing simulations has also helped to identify areas of vulnerability within the school and reduced the number of staff being tricked by a cleverly-worded or professionally presented phishing email, giving staff more confidence to respond to emails and reducing time lost at this stage. 

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“The evidence of the effectiveness of Boxphish is already clear in our school. Other departments are starting to ask if they can run their training on the Boxphish platform and as a result we’re hoping to explore the custom content offering Boxphish provide in the coming months.”

Head of IT, University College School  

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